Spikenard’s 2017 Workshop Schedule

Beautiful white new comb on the follower boardCome learn with us!

Beekeeping Classes:

  • Getting Started; First Steps in Beekeeping
  1. February 18
  2. March 4
  • Top Bar Beekeeping————————————————–March 25
  • Principles & Methods of Biodynamic Beekeeping——–April 21-22
  • Winter Preparation————————————————September 2

In-Depth Beekeeping:

  • Sustainable Biodynamic Beekeeper Training (SBBT)

     Session 1: June 15-17, 2017

     Session 2: August 3-5, 2017

     Session 3: June 14-16, 2018

     Session 4: August 2-4, 2018

Special Offerings:

  • One Week of Sanctuary Beekeeping and Gardening  
  1.  May 22-26
  2. July 10-14
  • Biodynamic Principles and Practices in Farming & Gardening —-September 28-30
  • Building a Round Hive ——————————————-October 13-14
  • Wood-Fired Sourdough Bread Baking———————– November 4


Please check out our course descriptions for more information and to register!

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Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Workshop

desktop 114There’s still time to sign up for our wonderful 2.5 day course on Biodynamic farming and gardening!

This workshop will give both beginners and experienced farmers a solid basis for understanding the major ideas and principles of Biodynamic Agriculture. Biodynamics is practiced on millions of acres in all climates for the best possible nutritional results as well as for the step that needs to be taken to go toward a thriving farm or garden organism. To learn the spiritual foundation for a necessary renewal of agriculture is the call of our time. Come and join biodynamic practitioner and teacher Gunther Hauk as he shares with us over 40 years of experience.

Click HERE for more information and registration.

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A little local exposure

Check out the recent story by Channel 7 News on the Sanctuary:

WDBJ 7 News Clip

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Summer Appeal 2016

banner-mailchimp-summer2Semi Annual Appeal 2016

Donate to the Honeybee Sanctuary

Thank you for helping us continue this work with joy and confidence
that we can inspire more and more people to have the courage for change.

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Congrats to our SBBT Graduating Class of 2016

With joy and respect for their hard work and dedication to our two year program, we recognize the following individuals who graduated our two year program last week:

Don Miller    Janice Zuzov     Jamie Sansone    Anita Castle    Kim O’Donnell    Santosh Gupta    Laureen Gaston    Sarah Shepherd    Bonnie Isabelle    Bonnie Young    Alice Hinman    Carolyn Koch    Carter Bo Wallace    Donna Riley    Judith Hammond

Many Blessings to you all on your continued journey forward–may you each be the “sour dough” of your communities, shedding light and truth on the need to care for the bees, the land, and each other.

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There’s still time to sign up for the August One Week!

Check out our recent e-newsletter for more information and to learn about the One Week!P1090776


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Opening the Sun Hive

A form of health


Solis–the name of our beautiful sun hive, has swarmed 4 times already this Spring.  Hive forms like the Sun Hive promote reproduction and health through the round form, which allows the bees to keep their warmth, hive scent, and brood nest exactly as they would like it.

Nevertheless, we were worried about Solis last week due to her small amount of flight bees (what is normal after 4 swarms, but still…we worry) and decided to open up and take a look.

To our delight, we began pulling the frames out and saw an absolutely beautiful brood nest and a wonderful new queen!  It was such a joy to see how a round hive organizes itself, and how well they rebound in good health after reproducing into so many strong and vibrant swarms.


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Floyd Artisan Trail Tour

We were open to the public for 3 days in a row–June 10-12–for the Floyd Artisan Trail Tour, with a wonderful talk on Saturday by Gunther and Alex on the plight of the honeybee.

Check out the EVENTS page to learn more.

Come visit us on Friday's from 11am-6pm

Honeybee Plants for SALE!

Check out our beautiful flowers and other products for SALE!

DSC00711Hope to see you soon!

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Annual Bee Forage on sale for $2.50, as long as supplies last!

Annual Bee Forage on sale for $2.50, as long as supplies last! Click HERE for product purchasing and information.

This wonderful bee forage mix can be planted through the end of June for a beautiful fall bloom.



The mix includes: Bachelor Button, Borage, Calendula, California Poppy, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Holy Basil, and Zinnia.

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Volunteer program now in full swing!

For those who are interested in working along with us at the Sanctuary, we have now included in our weekly schedule an opportunity to work in the gardens with us, and learn a little bit too!


Volunteer days will be held every Friday that we don’t have classes (see our events calendar) from 1pm-5pm through the month of October. 

Please email the office, info@spikenardfarm.org or give us a call at 540.745.2153 if you are interested!


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