Our Board of Directors

Kenneth Levy – President is an attorney representing consumers and serving on the boards of non-profit organizations. His experience in organizational governance helps guide Spikenard Farm in its mission to improve the health of the honeybee and the human community.

Jack Wall – Vice President has worked in the mental health and disabilities support field since 1971. He has a B.S. degree in Business Management from Babson College and a Masters in Education degree from Virginia Tech. He and his wife, Kamala Bauers, started the company Wall Residences in 1995 to provide intensive supports for people with long-term disabilities in professional family homes. Jack and Kamala are highly involved in the Floyd, Virginia business community. They opened Hotel Floyd in 2007 and are developing Floyd Eco Village to demonstrate sustainable land use practices and zero energy building design. They are also involved in nonprofit work in Floyd through the starting of Partnership for Floyd in 2005 and through support of many other nonprofit organizations in the area. Spikenard Farm is a new passion for him due to the importance and meaning of bees to our local and world ecology.

Michael Steinrueck – Secretary has been working with the spoken word in education and performance since completing the four-year training in Creative Speech in 1984. His passionate interest lies in creating healing spaces where plants, animals and humans can live together in a mutually supportive relationship. The work that Spikenard is doing to support the honey bees is close to his heart.

Jaime Arenas – Treasurer is an engineer and a devoted urban beekeeper in New York City. He has served as advisor and board member to many non-for profit organizations. As the beekeeper of the Brooklyn Waldorf School, he enjoys bringing the children closer to the bees and fostering in them a disposition of love, admiration and respect for this essential creature.

Monica Burgoon – Trustee is a clinical nutritionist practicing with her husband, Michael, in Roanoke since 1998. She is an organic gardener and has been growing vegetables and herbs for over 30 years.

Vivian Struve-Hauk – Trustee is an educator, therapist, gardener and beekeeper. She has been carrying the organization’s administrative aspects and co-teaches with Gunther at the Sanctuary. Her artistic sense and healing capacities find expression in the order and beauty developed in the sanctuary.

Michael Burgoon – Trustee is a doctor of chiropractic practicing in Roanoke, VA since 1998. He is a beekeeper and is currently Vice President of the Blue Ridge Beekeeper’s Club. He has been gardening organically for over 30 years.

Alex Tuchman – Trustee, works with team members to plan and implement all educational workshops and courses where he serves as a teacher. His responsibilities also include social and programmatic communications as well as the oversight of interns, volunteer, and visitor activities. In addition, Alex serves as Farm Manager and Beekeeper.

Gunther Hauk – Trustee has been an educator, biodynamic gardener/farmer and beekeeper for nearly four decades. In 1996 he co-founded the Pfeiffer Center and built up one of the first biodynamic training programs in the US. Since that time he has been lecturing and giving workshops on biodynamic / sustainable beekeeping methods. His book “Toward Saving the Honeybee” was first published in 2002. Together with Vivian he co-founded Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary in 2006.

Karl Bernhardt – Trustee is an energetic electrician, owner and licensed electrical contractor, who has been very involved at the River Valley Waldorf School, serving on the Board of Trustees, several comittees, as Secretary, and as President.  He has a deep interest in gardening and attended a biodynamic agriculture training at the Pfeiffer Center where he first met Gunther.  His love for gardening has since grown to include the joy of working with the bees. Karl loves to be a part of the work and life of Spikenard Farm and has much to offer towards this end.

Bonnie Young – Trustee is a Virginia native, business owner, and fourth generation guardian of a c.1897 family farm located in the Shenandoah Valley. A devoted student, supporter, and Sustainable Biodynamic Beekeeping Training graduate, she folds biodynamic and permaculture principles into her daily life and farm practice, is a philanthropist of the sustainability movement, and embraces educational opportunities throughout North and Central America to further her skills in land stewardship and do-it-yourself living. Bonnie’s interests range from beekeeping, fiber arts, and herbalism to fermentation, gardening, and soil regeneration. Through her work and experiences at Spikenard Farm, she has become an advocate for educating and supporting others in an effort to protect and restore the health and vitality of the honeybee.