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article by Gunther Hauk

…The marvel starts at the beginning of the queen bee’s life.  Seemingly insignificant phenomena appear that determine her royalty.  An egg is laid; one that could just as well become a worker bee…


The Biggest Challenge of our Time

article by Gunther Hauk

…Since agriculture touches most every aspect of human life, it is one area of our culture that influences ––and is influenced by–– nearly all of the crises listed above.  But how did we get to this point that agriculture plays such a critically detrimental role?…

Who is the Queen Bee?

article by Alex Tuchman

…In the dark fragrant warmth of the hive center, the queen places an egg into a wax cell, which has been created by the worker bees.  This union of egg and wax cell is the creative foundation for all three castes of honeybees to emerge: queens, workers, and drones…