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A wonderful 3-day visit from Richmond Waldorf School


Video of bees POURING into their hive during the height of the August 21 Solar Eclipse

Around 2:30pm–30 minutes before the height of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. All of the bees in all of the hives rushed back into their colonies for the about 45 minutes. It was midday without a single bee on

Mother’s Day Event

This free community event in the Sanctuary is going to be tons of fun!  In honor of all the mother’s, both human and honeybee, we invite you to come celebrate with us on Mother’s Day weekend, May 6 & 7.

Principles and Methods of Biodynamic Beekeeping Workshop

Our April workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn the principles and practice of biodynamic beekeeping.  If you missed it this year, see if you can join us next year!

Dandelion Day Celebration

As the dandelions come into full bloom at the Honeybee Sanctuary, we give a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks.  For the beekeeper, dandelions mark the end of scarcity—the page turning from worry, shortage, and diminishing colonies, towards