Honey Harvest Blessing & Sharing

April 23, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Online Community Sharing

After the dandelion and the orchard come into bloom in the Spring, the bees turn away from the winter honey stores and set their sights on the new nectar flow, marking a successful over-wintering and a great sigh of relief for the beekeeper!  What honey is now left over, which the bees didn’t need to make it through the winter, is the true surplus.  This is the sacred time of honey harvest, and this year, we would like to celebrate our honey harvest season with all of you—giving thanks to the honeybee, honoring her role in the natural world and in our lives, and accepting with deep gratitude the gifts of honey, wax, and propolis which come to us as a great healing for the human being.  We will share a blessing of thanks, some inspirational words, and offer the opportunity for participating community members to purchase honey from this years’ harvest as part of our first-ever live online honey sale.


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