In Memoriam – Vivian Struve-Hauk

Dear Friends and Community,

I am writing today to share the solemn news that the Co-Founder of Spikenard, our dear friend, Vivian Struve-Hauk, crossed the threshold last Friday, July 9th.

Everywhere you look at the Honeybee Sanctuary, you can witness the magical touch that Vivian brought to the bees, landscape and buildings, and the devoted skill that she utilized to create the rock-solid administrative body for the organization.  Truly, Spikenard Farm was only able to come into being because of Vivian’s capacity to bring Gunther’s vision of the honeybee sanctuary into manifest reality.  Her incredible talents and gifts in service of the honeybees were given so generously and selflessly, and everything she did was consciously done with the utmost care for both beauty and functionality.  

It is with sincere gratitude and overflowing love that we invite you to join us in honoring Vivian’s life and legacy by lighting a beeswax candle for her and offering a prayer for her onward journey through the spiritual world.

With a big hug from the bees and all of us at Spikenard,