Spikenard Biodynamic Beekeeping Training
Cohort IX


For those interested in the most in-depth training that we offer at Spikenard Farm.


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The Spikenard Biodynamic Beekeeping Training will be starting its ninth cohort in the Spring of 2023, pairing online content and support through the year with intimate, experiential, hands-on learning at the Honeybee Sanctuary. The objective of this course is for participants to come away with an understanding of both the spiritual and physical conditions that the bees need for their health and vitality, and to learn the beekeeping and land care methods that can serve these conditions. Personal relationship with the bees will be developed through lectures, meditative exercise, artistic work, group discussion, and Goethean studies, and participants will be supported in developing sanctuary in their own communities. Participants must have bees.

Class Schedule:

In-Person at the Sanctuary Webinars
Session 1:  5/4/2023 – 5/6/2023 Webinar 1:    10/5/2023 7-9pm ET
Session 2:  7/13/2023 – 7/15/2023 Webinar 2:  2/8/2024 7-9pm ET
Session 3:  6/6/2024 – 6/8/2024 Webinar 3:   4/18/2024 7-9pm ET

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