Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

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For experienced biodynamic beekeepers – a pedagogical training of Spikenard beekeeping methods and guidance for those who want to deepen their own teaching and further Spikenard Biodynamic Beekeeping in the world.

Participants of this program will have the opportunity to fulfill their training sessions alongside personal, practical sessions that will be scheduled individually.  In these sessions, participants will have one-on-one training and evaluations at the beehives with the Spikenard beekeepers.

This program will be catered to each individual’s capacity and need, but we envision two classroom training sessions and two hands-on practical sessions before officially inaugurating the participant as a Spikenard Beekeeping Mentor.  These requirements can be fulfilled over a period of years.

After fulfilling the training, the mentor will be able to use the Spikenard platform to continue their work, including connection to our community, information and resources, and to an online portal where other beekeepers seeking information can more easily connect to a local Spikenard beekeeper that they trust.  An interactive map of Spikenard Beekeeping Mentors is envisioned to help these methods of beekeeping spread across North America, and to give a trustworthy label to those who are looking to share natural queens, swarms, frames, information, etc.

$175 cost includes sample teaching materials, snacks each day and Sunday lunch.

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