Seeds – Mixed Rudbeckia

Seeds - Mixed Rudbeckia


Take a piece of the Sanctuary home with you! All of our seeds are gathered from plants grown in our own biodynamic garden.

Mixed Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia sp.) is a medium perennial that provides forage for the bees. The gold/red/orange flowers with black centers are held gracefully above the foliage. Performs well in a meadow, prairie, or large planting.

~75 seeds per pack. This packet will cover an area of approximately 150 square feet.

Full to partial sun. Deer resistant.

Color Bloom Time Height Spacing Zone
Yellow to Orange June-October 2-3 feet 12-18 inches 3-10

Planting instructions: Either plant outside in the Fall for next season bloom, or cold-stratify to plant in the Spring. After cold stratification, germination should take 10 to 15 days.

These seeds require cold-stratification for 30 days to germinate successfully. To cold stratify seeds, place the seeds in damp sand, damp vermiculite or between damp paper towels (cover in plastic or place in plastic bags to retain moisture) and store at 36-38 degrees farenheight for 30 days. If seeds sprout during storage, go ahead and pot them. Transplant outside after danger of frost has passed.