Seed Sale – 7 Varieties to Plant this Fall!

Seed Sale - 7 Varieties to Plant this Fall!



You save $10.50 (33%)!

Note: The last day to purchase seeds in 2020 is November 30th. Get them now, or you’ll have to wait until the new seeds are out in 2021.

Don’t want to have to worry about cold-stratifying your seeds? Let Mother Nature do the hard work for you! We have seven varieties of seeds that you can plant now for blooms next year.

All of Spikenard’s seeds are gathered from plants grown in our own biodynamic garden and pollinated by our bees.  These perennial flowers are favorite sources of nectar and pollen for the bees and native pollinators.

Our set of 7 seeds to plant this fall is offered to you at a discounted price and includes one packet of each seed variety:

  • Angelica
  • Boneset
  • Cup Plant
  • Prairie Blazing Star
  • Showy Goldenrod
  • Spotted Joe Pye Weed
  • Wingstem


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