Seeds – Cup Plant

Seeds - Cup Plant


All of our seeds are gathered from plants grown in our own biodynamic garden.

Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) is an tall perennial with sprays of daisy-like yellow flowers. The large leaves attach directly to the square stem and form a reservoir where water collects. The plant develops a tap root and rhizomes, and will spread laterally to form large colonies.

Honeybee forage plant.

~75 seeds per pack. This packet will cover an area of approximately 600 square feet.

Full to partial sun.

Color Bloom Time Height Spacing Zone
Yellow Mid – Late Summer 6-8 feet 24-48 inches 4-8

Planting instructions: Seeds require light to germinate, so surface sow or barely cover.  Seeds should emerge in 3 to 4 weeks after cold-stratification. Cup Plant develops a tap root, which does not like to be disturbed, so transplant to the garden when the seedlings are still small.

These seeds require cold-stratification for 60 days to germinate successfully. To cold stratify seeds, place the seeds in damp sand, damp vermiculite or between damp paper towels (cover in plastic or place in plastic bags to retain moisture) and store at 36-38 degrees F for 30 days. If seeds sprout during storage, go ahead and pot them. Transplant outside after danger of frost has passed.


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