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Tightening Up in Late Winter

February 26, 2018 This time of year, when the 65 degree days give us a short window where we can safely open the hives without damaging their winter cluster, is the perfect time to TIGHTEN UP and make sure that

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A wonderful 3-day visit from Richmond Waldorf School


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Video of bees POURING into their hive during the height of the August 21 Solar Eclipse

Around 2:30pm–30 minutes before the height of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st. All of the bees in all of the hives rushed back into their colonies for the about 45 minutes. It was midday without a single bee on

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Pollinators in Peril

The August 2017 issue of ACRES USA has an excellent in-depth interview with Graham White (beekeeper, author, educator) on the impact of neonicotinoids on the honeybee and pollinator population. The impact on all of life is frightening! You can find

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Bearing witness to the workings of magic — One hive saves another!

Beekeepers Notes: Felicity (hive on the left) Came through the winter in one deep and one super, had enough honey still in the early Spring when we did our first check.  She looked healthy with a lot of bees, but we

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Spikenard Featured on Citizens Cooperative (Local Television Station)

A beautiful job done by reporter Emily Gruver for our local television station. Check it out:

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Spikenard Featured on the Weather Channel

Check out the new Weather Channel feature in their series That’s Amazing, where Spikenard is featured at around 14:40.  Click Here to check it out!

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Update on the Bees – Full Version from 2016 End of Year Letter

The 2015/2016 winter was a difficult one for beekeepers in America with the national average loss of 44%.  While Spikenard experienced a much milder loss than the professionals, we too learned a great deal that can help to prepare us

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An expression of light in darkness

Hidden in a holy hollow, away from any beam of light, they brighten what they gather, from the Sun’s great warmth and might.

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A magical thanks-giving

We were stirring a thanks-giving preparation (#500 & B.C.) for the bees and the land this afternoon on the Bee Barn porch and the sky lit up for us like magic. Blessings to the Earth and all of her caretakers.

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