Hives for Humans

It’s happening!

We have officially broken ground on the Hives for Humans project! Thank you to everyone who helped make this project come to life.

The bees are the heart and center of our work at the Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary. As a keystone species, they are essential to the continued growth and flourishing of life on Earth and they need our help. Many exploitative environmental and beekeeping practices have left the bees in crisis. Our sanctuary aims to help restore the health and vitality of the honeybee worldwide by educating the public in biodynamic beekeeping methods and serving as a living model of support for all life. The 40-acre sanctuary just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the beautiful, sustainable community of Floyd, VA, has again and again allowed many to experience and behold the natural world in a way that engenders awe, reverence and wonder. Opening this enriching experience to more people is at the heart of the Community House and Sun Cabins; our Hives for Humans.

The Community House will be a 2,400 sq. ft. multipurpose building, providing space for our main office, as well as housing for the apprenticeship program, and room to accommodate a variety of programs, such as for the many children’s school classes that come to learn and experience the sanctuary.

Our plans also include five Sun Cabins on the south-facing hillside, which will expand our hosting capacity for educational programs, wellness retreats, short-term internships, seasonal volunteers, and other visitors.

February 20 -24

This week the clearing started for the Community House.  It may not look like much yet, but first steps first!


Nothing to report this month.  Awaiting additional permits.

April 3 – 7

Lot’s of good things starting to happen. Site prep is completed, footers are prepped and poured!

April 10 – 14

Wall forms are going in place for the lower floor.

April 17 – 21

First walls are poured.

April 24 – 28

Preparation work for the first floor slab.

May 1 – 5

Slab is prepped and ready for inspection. The walls are sealed and drainboard is installed.

May 8 – 12

Slab is being poured!

May 15 – 19

Framing for the first floor has started.

May 22 – 26

Basic framing is complete and exterior panels added. We have a big green box.

June 5 – 9

Roof trusses are up.  Site is backfilled.  Prepping for shingling.

June 12 – 16

Windows are in and the doors are here!

June 19 – 23

We have doors!

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The Honeybee

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