Stella Natura Calendar

Spikenard and Stella Natura – into the future together

Spikenard Farm is honored to have been entrusted with carrying on the legacy of the Stella Natural Biodynamic Planting Calendar, beginning in 2025.

Initiated by Sherry Wildfeuer in 1978 and heartfully produced by her since that time, Stella Natura has long been a meaningful part of the biodynamic movement.  With insightful and engaging articles about agriculture, cosmic influences, and anthroposophy, as well as meticulously hand-drawn charts that detail dates and times for planting/tending/harvesting various crops based on planetary and cosmic influences, it is a faithful companion to gardeners, farmers, and those seeking a glimpse into the practical application of anthroposophical insight to the natural world.  Sherry and Spikenard’s Director, Alex Tuchman, have worked mindfully and joyously together on this transition and have collaborated closely on the last several calendars.

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