Fall Equinox Milk and Honey Festival
September 29-October 1
All Ages Welcome!


Need-based scholarships available.

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Join us at the Honeybee Sanctuary during this special time of the year, the Fall Equinox, as we come together in joy, learning, and celebration, and turn our attention to humanity’s sacred connection to the cosmos, where at the end of September the whole Earth shares equal day and night.  Our themes this year are inspired by the incredible process of transformation of sunlight by the plant world into a landscape flowing with milk and honey.  We will draw from our rich community of Lead Learners, engaging in dance, movement, the ritual of biodynamic preparation making, along with sharing content from our experiences with cows, goats, plants, and bees.

During this festival, we are offering special opportunities for families and people of all ages, with parallel nature-based programming for children running alongside, and sometimes together, with the adult content and activities.  Our fabulous staff will also cater the event with delicious meals and snacks from our biodynamic gardens

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$325 per Person, $500 per Family