A Lively Hive
A Biodynamic Beekeeping Guide for Honeybee Health


The revolutionary beekeeping method that is providing a radical return to healthy bee hives in the U.S. and around the world today is explained in detail in A Lively Hive–A Biodynamic Beekeeping Guide for Honeybee Health.  Author, Alex Tuchman, the director of Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary in Floyd, Virginia, walks the reader through both the philosophy and practical applications that have shown remarkable success rates.  In the past five years, the catastrophic loss of 45% of U.S. honeybee colonies has been well documented.  By contrast, in that same time period Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary has shown a astonishing low loss of only 12%.

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Tuchman shares the significant difference between beekeeping methods that exploit the honeybee for human agribusiness and alternative methods to beekeeping that are in line with the instincts and natural idiosyncrasies of the honeybees themselves.  The amazing results, as it turns out, are found at heart in the relationship and communication between the honeybee and the human—that when we listen to what the bees are telling us, only then are we guided to best provide for the bees’ needs in the physical world.

ISBN: 9780960025961